Monday, October 27, 2008

Hunting Season, Nick's Buck

Congratulations Nick! Opening weekend of hunting season and you got a nice one. All the boys, Scott, Nick, Andrew and Shawn went with Dick this weekend. Nasty weather and no additional deer were harmed! Did Scott keep camp warm and the beer cold? Don't worry the girls had a wonderful time on their own also! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

HAYNS Auxilary Conference

Last weekend I was able to attend the New York State HAYNS Auxiliary Conference in Lake George, NY. Eight members of the CHMC Auxiliary made the trip to the beautiful Great Escape Lodge. Seeing that it is just a few miles from Nick and family, I left on Saturday took the girls and mom Emily to the Lodge to enjoy their indoor Water Park. Lily and Makayla spent their nap time with me before we went to dinner with Uncle Awesome (aka Andrew) and Robyn. Makayla spent the night with me and we made our usual breakfast date at Denny's! The rest of the girls came in on Sunday. Seated in front are Diane and Aggie. In back Deb, Me, Patty, Ramona and Marian. We had a wonderful time. Great accommodations, wonderful food and believe it or not good and informative seminars. We went to Sutton's on Monday and then went to the Hospital Gift Shop where we found many treasures. Just a hint always visit your hospitals' gift shop you never know what your going to find! We drove home on Tuesday in the rain. Stopped for a quick lunch and were back to our usual schedules on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Even the Loons enjoy when the river is quieter!

It seems that when everyone leaves the loon families come out to play! We like them, don't the like us?

Last Weekend on the River!

The time has come. Friends have moved south or home to the 'burg or 'motown. It's getting colder at night. Leaves are all nearly off the trees. Hunting season is in full swing. Time to leave my favorite place on earth. Can't really explain why. I'm closer here to my family. Have many wonderful memories of growing up, watching my children grow up and now we watch our grandchildren grow. We won't move back here til next spring. And then it will be the place of a new, happy memory. Our daughters' wedding. What a summer it will be! I better enjoy the winter!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I saw on a friends blog a slideshow. I really like it. But......... I can't figure it out! So this picture above is one of our St. Lawrence River. The ones showing on the side are from Picassa Slideshow. Will continue to work on getting my sunsets to scroll!