Thursday, February 17, 2011

Detour a little West!

After leaving Richmond we headed to Columbia, SC to visit with Shannon and Shawn and to do a little shopping for Baby S! Yes Baby S is expected in August and we are just so excited for them! We felt that everyone was visiting Columbia that weekend as every where we went it was packed! So much traffic! Had a great dinner and then home for mama to rest. The next morning we went to breakfast and went looking for nursery furniture! A good friend Matt had told them where they had gotten theirs and off we went to find the store! It was one of those "AAAAHHHHH" moments when we walked in the door! Baby Heaven! They found a crib and dresser/changing station that will be just perfect! We then went to a new store, Buy Buy Baby, which is owned by Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have absolutely everything you could ever need! Poppie bought a stroller for them (he had wanted to buy one in Richmond) and we got some nice tiny sleepsacks, receiving blankets and other neutral items for Baby S! The next morning Shawn went and got Krispy Kreme for me! Love them! Then Shan and I went out to get her some maternity clothes. Such fun! On Sunday we had a nice cookout! Yes I said cookout and their friends came over and enjoyed a lot of laughs and good food. Monday the kids went to work and onward for us with our journey!

Traveling down 95!

After leaving 3 ft of snow in O'Burg on Feb 8th, we journeyed to Richmond, Va to visit with Andrew. Dick had not been down to see him since he had moved there so it was a great opportunity to do so! The extra bonus was having Robyn there visiting also. We had not seen her in over a year and had missed her. Andrew has become quite worldly and enjoys many different kinds of food from around the world! Many, well all, we have never tried! Our first meal was at a Cuban restaurant that was cozy and eclectic! Food was great! Walking also seems to be a big part of living in Richmond and I am pleased to say that my foot is so much better and I was able to keep up with all of them! The next day Andrew took us to see where he has his studio now. So many old factories being turned into new spaces! Then off to do a little shopping. Walked along a street with shop after shop after shop! Just amazing! Lunch was at a French cafe with amazing architecture! Food was awesome with Andrew ordering a cheese selection with I loved! Then to a wine store where we bought 4 bottles of wine for his birthday present! Wine has become a passion for him also! After a little rest we went to his apartment where he tried to get me to enjoy a red which I just can't seem to do! Sorry Andrew! At one point Robyn said "Want some Vodka?" Huh? And she had had only one glass and we had a good laugh! That evening we went to another French restaurant in the historical district and had another wonderful dinner! Now I have to say I didn't think I would like French food but it was definitely one of the best meals I have had in a long time! This was Andrew's 25th birthday. Cannot believe it! I am not getting old just my kids are! Next stop, Columbia, SC!