Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Time No Blog

To all my friends I apologize for not having any posts the entire month of January. It was definitely a busy month. Three Wright family birthdays: Makayla 6. Nick 30, and Lily 3! They came the week before and Emily had a surprise party for Nick. You have to understand that Nick hasn't been surprised about anything since he was born! She pulled it off and he was truly surprised. We had an early party for Makayla and Lily with Aunt Shannon. Our girls our getting big. The month was taken up by undecorating ( yes I took everything down this year!). Dick and I had dentist, dr. and appointments that needed to be taken care of before we left town. Dick was going to physical therapy for his "tennis elbow" didn't seem to help but low and behold now that he is not at home it feels better! Hum, I wonder why :) Of course I had many meetings for the Auxiliary and the Gift Shop. We all needed to coordinate who was leaving town and who had to cover for who. Many exciting things going on with the shop! New items have been well recieved. We have had 2 over $1000.00 days! Scheduled to get new customer service counters which will provide much needed space!
The photo here is of a beautiful River Walk in Columbia,SC where Shannon and Shawn live. Their place was our first stop south. It was a beautiful Sunday. Shannon and Shawn wanted pictures taken so we drove into the parking lot and headed down to the river. When we returned this is what we found:
We had left the car for less than 45min. Shannon opened the back door and found that they had taken her wallet. I opened mine and they had taken my wallet and my checkbook! The police came and then a detective came who took fingerprints. When he found out that we had a lot of cash, he said he would call some of his "informants". We were able to call the CC people and our bank. Shannon recieved a new license the next day ( I am still waiting for my temporary) and our day was completely ruined.
We did go out to dinner but it was a very invasive day. Don't leave anything in your car that someone could see. The police say it's getting worse and worse.
We are on the beach now. I will have more things to share now. Miss everyone!

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Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Bonnie!
I read this post a while back, but didn't comment... but today I noticed your blog's whole new look. I like it!
Hope you're enjoying good weather! Sara's in Disney for a few days with her friend and she keeps texting me with what they're doing to make us jealous! ;-)