Saturday, April 10, 2010

March 24th, Disney with the Hyzy's!

It all began as innocent conversation over Thanksgiving Vacation. Andrew's girlfriend Robyn mentioned that her family was going to WDW in March. I asked when and then we found out it would be during the time when Dick would be back in OBurg for Expo and I thought it would be great to meet them there. Her sister Biz is a senior this year and her marching band was traveling to perform at DisneyWorld. I left Daytona at 8 (should have been earlier) and made my way to Orlando. It was quite different driving into the parking area as we have not done that since we have bought into the Vacation Club. Then I had to get my ticket. No more going to the window, they now have kiosks to use your CC to get your ticket. Then boarded the Monorail by myself and got to the Magic Kingdom. Walking through those gates by myself without Dick, kids or grandchildren was quite surreal! Found Julie, Curt and Robyn right where we were supposed to meet and then started our day. The favorites Tiki Birds, Jungle Cruise, Country Bear Jamboree, Carousel of Progress and the Haunted Mansion were all wonderful.
Then we watched the band perform, they were great and proceeded to eat lunch at the Crystal Palace with the Characters from Winnie the Pooh!
We also took in the Monster,Inc! Laugh stage in which I saw the true Curt Hyzy! Before we went in he took off his Hawaiian shirt so "he wouldn't be singled out!" Oh no he still did! Dancing with all his might on screen and Julie and Robyn dying of embarrassment!
All in all we had a wonderful day! Thank you so much Hyzy family for inviting me!
Yeah Curt, No One Will Pick You Out of A Crowd!

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rel said...

the whole disney thingy is surreal and such grand fun!!!!!