Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bear Hunt Widow!

Well it's another hunting season upon us! Dick left on Sunday with 11 others to Northern Ontario, Canada to do his third bear hunt. He says two of the new guys have gotten bear but he has only seen one very large one! Now this is how is says he say it! It was after dusk (when they come out of the woods) and he was beside the road (where they WAIT for the driver to pick them up, oh by the way they are ALONE the whole time they are at their "bear stand") when he heard a click, click, click and he looked around and saw ( within 10ft) a very large bear staring at him! I said did you shot him. "No, we have to have our guns in their cases when we come out of the woods!" What did you do? I put my flashlight on him and he ran away! Thank god these stories don't bother me any more or I would never sleep when he was gone! The picture is from last years hunt!


Remiman said...

Thank God bears a scaredy cats.

bonniew said...

Yeah but I just talked to my brother in law and he says they click their teeth when they are aggitated!