Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pepsi-Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, Inc. 65th Anniversary

Saturday, September 20, 2008
We took all of our 49 employees and their guests along with numerous business partners to Alexandria Bay for a boat cruise amongst the 1000 Islands. As I watched our cruise ship come into dock I was amazed how beautiful the day had turn out! We had been through the end of Hurricane Ike with power outages and then a frost so very early in the season. It was indeed gorgeous. I had time to myself before the "crew" arrived to reflect on what we have accomplished with the business in the four years since my dad died. We had done a boat cruise for our 50th Anniversary and this one was by special request from several employees.
After the boat had docked the Captain went up to hang our "Banner". At that moment I knew dad was looking down and letting me know he was pleased. Pleased with what we have done with the business. The improvements we have made. The memorials we have done in his name and last but not least how our family has grown. Scott and Amy involved so greatly in the business. Nick and Emily and their 3 beautiful girls. Shannon and Shawn now engaged to be married. I know he was with us for Andrews' graduation and watches his youngest grandson who he so wanted to become closer to in Florida but was not meant to be. I think that the greatest compliment anyone ever gives to Dick or I is when they tell us how well we are carrying on his legacy. I shed a little tear when I saw the banner go up.
Dick was the tour guide on the buses that came from the plant. Waited for you Mike but you missed the bus! What a crew. They all came off the bus laughing! We are all truly family. Of course John King was on board! But I did miss his Gilligan's Island rendition he promised!
Our meal was great. It was so nice that we were able to on the outside most of the trip. Thank you to everyone. See you again in 10years!


KoffeeBean said...

He most certainly is pleased with what you have done with the business- but more importantly, he is pleased with you & your family.
I agree, Richard does look mighty "official" & sexy with his little clipboard!!!!!!

Remiman said...

Sounds like a fantabulous outing.
Sorry we missed ti.

Rhonda's_life said...

Hi Aunt Bonnie!
I loved your blog! I really shedded afew tears reading it...I know your dad is so proud of you and Uncle Dick for every thing you have done! Dont worry he was there with you that night sharing all the memories...I know afew of the employess on Myspace said they had a great time! I glad you guys did such a great thing for your employees!!!
I love you and Uncle Dick lots...if it wasnt for him I do not know where my mom would be! HE is her #1. Congrats on all your hard work!!! Love to you both!
Rhonda Sue